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Wherever you put your intention…

Living with intention

Wherever you put your intention, your attention will follow!

A simple combination of gemstones fittingly labeled the intention bracelet.   Why did I call it the “intention”  bracelet?  Read on, to discover the what, when, and why of this powerful accessory and how it can enhance one’s living life more fully one day at a time.

While designing jewelry pieces exclusively for a small shop in Texas, one of the owners ask me if I would make a bracelet to remind the wearer to be mindful of their intent for the day.   At the time I was probing more into the metaphysical properties of crystals, minerals and gems,  specifically their spiritual and healing energies.  It seemed only fitting to combine gemstones in a simple piece that could be worn daily –a mixture of stones with a personal affirmation.  The focus to be on using a combination of stones and joining  our energies with the energies of the mineral kingdom for healing, enlightenment,  and support in living our best life daily.

The purpose or “intent” of wearing this little bracelet is twofold.  First and most importantly, to serve as a daily reminder of our resolve today,  for example,  being more positive, smiling often, waiting our turn,  giving up the stance of me first and, making an effort to be more available to the people we value and appreciate.   I’m not advocating we address these patterns jointly, but over time, wearing a simple, unobtrusive piece of jewelry can assist in focusing one’s attention on finding and supporting a healthier balance of living and sharing in the universe.  Living with intention.

Secondly, to bring awareness back to the energies of the mineral kingdom; that they are universal  and if we are willing and open to receive that energy, we can combine it with our intent.   Our energies should be directed toward accepting and believing.   My objective is to offer cogent views from those more knowledgeable with hands on experience in geological research, with the hope that you, the reader, will find their theories credible and more importantly believable.  There is a marvelous book, “TheBook of Stones ” by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian that came out last October in a New Revised Edition, which can be found on Amazon. com, where he proposes  “I could see how focusing one’s ‘intention’ on a quartz or other crystal could potentially magnify the force of that intention.”   He goes on to suggest that the crystal might be capable of holding the pattern of that intention, being  “programmed”    similar to a computer chip.

As Melody instructs repeatedly in her reference book,  LOVE IS IN THE EARTH – A Kaleidoscope of Crystals,  “Right intention”  while using stones, encourages the blending of ones own energy or intent with that of the mineral kingdom,  furthering the distribution  “of the light, the love, and the good of all”.      Also  available on, .  This admirable account was written, revised and updated by a creditable scientist, who has studied and researched the power of minerals and crystals since childhood.

This is my first blog and it could be my last.  My desire is to update this every few weeks with more info and insight as it becomes available.  I would hope to follow it closely.  We’ll see.